Small Business Registration, How to Make Your Business Legal

Nowadays people try to build and operate a small business. Compared to big and complicated business, this small business has less risk but give a quick profit. Besides, starting a small business doesn’t require a large sum of capital. Even so, when you have a plan to build your small business, there’s still small business registration. This has to been done so your business will be legal.

When you hear of small business registration don’t think it will be such a complicated process. On the other hand,  it is rather simple. You just need to fill some paper and document and follow the process. After that, your business is already considered as a legal business. If you want to know, here is the process.

1. Understand and Decide Your Business Structure

Before registering your business, look at the back and think carefully about the structure of your business. You must understand and decide it first because it gonna affect the small business registration. Because some of the business structure needs further requirements.

You need to register your business if it is a corporation, nonprofit and LLC or partnership. So when you want to establish these kinds of business you also have to submit certain documentation to state government.

But if the business you want to start is a sole proprietorship, you do not need to register it in the state. Nevertheless, if the name of your business is not yours, you will have to submit your trade name or “doing business as” (DBA) name to the state.

2. Register The Business Name

The part of small business registration is to register the business name. When you want to start your small business, it is essential to register your business name. More even if the business is not named after yours instead of the trade name or DBA. Because before you register it, you can’t run off your business under the chosen trade name.

After sign up, your business is already legal and you can start to operate it. But if you want to name your business as your own name then you don’t need to register it to the state.

3. Get Tax ID From Registering With IRS

The business structure will determine the type of federal tax you must pay. If you own a corporation, business partnership or employees then you must register with IRS. And then, you will own the Employer Identification Number (EIN). This EIN function is your tax id.

4. Register and Check-In With The State Tax or Revenue Office

As the process of registering the small business, you need to register your business to the revenue office. After that, you can go and check how the policies of the state. This has to been done so that you can understand how to initiate the taxation process.

5. Get Appropriate Licenses and Permit

Sometimes you will need licenses or permit from the state or federation. Not all of the business need a permit or license. But without it, you can’t operate your business legally. And to know and understand what kind of business requires a permit or license, you can use SBA’s permit and licensing tool.

Small business registration is an important step to make your business legal. By making it legal, you can operate it well without worries. Your business also is more convincing.


The Choice Of The Best Diet Menu For Cancer Patient

Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle will support the healing process for cancer sufferers. This can be realized by doing a healthy and appropriate diet. Some of the following choices can be the best diet menu for cancer patient.

1. Food Combining

Food combining diet menu that combines special foods and adapted to the body’s metabolism. This type of diet is one of the best diet menu for cancer patient. Because this can maximize the process of digestion, absorption, and expenditure more in accordance with the needs and metabolism of the body.

Also different from this diet is the setting of a meal that is adjusted to the type of food. As at 4.00 to 12.00 the digestive system is in the phase of disposal. In this phase choose foods with calories that are easily digested. While 12.00 – 20.00 the digestive system is in the absorption phase.

In that phase choose heavy foods such as animal or vegetable protein that is not mixed with carbohydrates. It can also be mixed with balanced vegetables.  At 20.00-04.00, the digestive system undergoes a processing phase that requires more energy. Avoid heavy food and don’t miss dinner before 20.00.

2. Raw Food

The raw food menu is another best diet menu for cancer patient. This diet menu consists of vegetables and fruits that are consumed directly without going through the cooking process. This is intended so that the body can absorb good nutrients from food and not be contaminated by other food ingredients.

That’s why this type of diet is good for cancer patients. It is not strange to consume fruit directly, but it is different from vegetables. Some people may have difficulty consuming raw vegetables and the solution can be made a salad mixed with mayonnaise or olive oil.

Also give priority to eating fruits and vegetables that can help restore or kill cancer cells such as broccoli, strawberries, grapes, asparagus, oranges, licorice root, lemons, avocados, and onions. Be smart to mix the vegetables and fruits so they can be consumed well by cancer patients.

3. Ketogenic Diet

The results of a study said that cancer cells are strongly influenced by glucose. Glucose content can come from sugar and also foods that contain carbohydrates. Glucose content in sugar and carbohydrate foods will strengthen cancer cells and attack other normal cells in the body. Therefore came a diet called ketogenic.

To do this diet a person must reduce foods that contain carbohydrates and increase foods containing fat. With this diet, the glucose content that enters the body can be minimized. With this diet, the glucose content that enters the body can be minimized.

By avoiding the consumption of sugar and carbohydrates will weaken cancer cells and even die. Therefore this ketogenic diet is the best diet menu for cancer patient.

Diet is the most preferred choice for cancer patients to live healthy and recover soon. There are many diet choices for cancer sufferers, but before doing so you must consult with your doctor and nutritionist. Healthy and appropriate diet choices according to needs will bring a positive impact towards on healing.

Best TV Series In 2019 So Far That You Never Know

In 2019 there a lot of things that has developed better including the TV series. There is a lot of best tv series in 2019 so far. You might know some of them because you ever see or watch them. It might also your favorite TV series until now. Both fiction and nonfiction are included which contain all kinds of genre. Then, what are they? Are you interest to know them? Here is the complete information.

1. Black Lady Sketch Show

The first best TV series in 2019 so far is coming from the comedy TV series. Yes, the black lady sketch show is the comedy TV series. Even it just a comedy TV series but it has many fans. Many people like to see and also interested in them. The story brought is funny and unique. As the name, there is a woman who wear a black dress. The story is made by Robin Thede. He brings fresh humor which is interest to see. The consistency of the theme with the different stories makes this TV series popular among society.

2. The Act

Did you ever know about the story of Dee Dee Blanchard? If you ever know about her then you will imagine what’s going to happen with this TV series. Even many people have known the story, but they still curious to watch this TV series. More than wondering about the remake, you will think that this movie is kidding you. The story about the illness of Gypsy and her relation will make you interested in watching this story one more.

3. Barry Show

The next best TV series in 2019 so far is Barry. Barry is the TV show which provides a unique, interesting, and mysterious story. Many of the shows contain dangerous attraction such as hit a man by killing his life and many others. Then, this TV series unconsciously invite people to watch this show. Even it is frightening, but people are curious to know what is happening to the man and the show in every segment and season. Are you interest in the Barry show? Let’s watch it hurry.

4. Better Things

The next TV series is about the divorcement. The Better thing is drama series which has a dramatic story and tragedy inside. Well, it tells about a single mother which has many obstacles and distraction along with her life. Every season is tightening. When you watch this TV series, you will be sad. In each moment of the story is dramatic. It is like a sad story which it will make you tears every time.

5. Big Mouth

The last best TV series in 2019 so far is Big mouth. This TV series tells about the youth and horny. It is an animated series. Because of the genre, this TV series is categorized as an adult TV series. The subjects contain the youth which is growing up as an adult man.

Those are the best TV series in 2019 so far. They call as the best TV series because they have many fan and unique stories. Therefore, you also need to watch them or even just know them.


669. How To Unsubscribe Disney+ With Easy Ways

Did you ever know about Disney+? Disney+ is a Disney streaming channel for you whose likes to stream Disney movie or any animated classic movie such as marvel and star wars. Thus, people can easily watch the animated movie by opening this channel. Unfortunately, in order to watch Disney movies or other animated movies, it needs payment. The payment is amounts of 6.99 US dollars a month or amounts of 69.99 US dollars a year.

Even there is a payment, many people still interested in this channel. Moreover, for the first time in joining the membership, people can enjoy the free trial of Disney+. People can easily subscribe this channel and join them as a member. Then, how to unsubscribe Disney+? Does it easily to unsubscribe as easy as subscribe? If you are really interested in it, in this chance I inform you more about it to break your curiosity.

how to unsubscribe Disney+?

1. The Paid Channel

There are two kinds of Disney+ channels, the first one is the paid channel and the other one is the free trial. Well, both of them are almost the same. The difference is not too far if you want to recheck it. The way how to unsubscribe Disney+ especially the paid channel is by the apps itself. First, you need to open the application or open the Disney+ by browser. Then, find the button ‘profile’ on the top of the right corner of the screen. Next, you must click that button ad find the button ‘account’ from the option shown.

The next step is by clicking the button ‘billing detail’ to know the setting option of the bill. From the ‘billing detail’ button, you will found the option to canceling or unsubscribe the channel. You need to click it and waiting until the canceling process is done. You will get the question about the reason why you choose to unsubscribe the channel.

2. The Free Trial Of Disney+ Channel

Different from the previous theme, in this section, you will get easier to unsubscribe the Disney+ channel. When you are in this position and asking about how to unsubscribe Disney+, you don’t need to be worry. You can cancel or unsubscribe the Disney+ channel after the free trial is ended. How you determine that your account is a free trial or not? It was an easy question to answer. At the first time when you open the Disney+ apps, you will meet the payment option on your screen. Then, besides the payment option, you will find the free trial option for a moment.

Therefore, you need to remember what kind of option did you got for the first time you open the Disney+. The free trial channel is just available for several months. After several months, you can unsubscribe the Disney+ channel or continue using the apps by having payment. For more information, after enjoying the free trial, you will not get the option free trial anymore for the second time. The free trial is just special for the first meeting.

Thus, you need to be careful with every choice that you want to take. Find the detail information first, before conducting anything including the Disney+. Therefore, reading such an article will inspire you and give more information for you. Whether you have a free trial account or payment account.

The 5 Most Lavish Celebrity Wedding Parties in The Past Decade You Wish You Would Attend

Talking about marriage is one of the fun things. Especially when talking about celebrity weddings which are usually very luxurious and also fantastic. Of the many celebrity marriages, there are 5 most lavish celebrity wedding parties in the past decade.

Marriage certainly requires a lot of money. However, this will not be a problem for them because they are very famous celebrities. Here are the most lavish celebrity wedding parties in the past decade:

1.     Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

This wedding party costs pretty fantastic wedding costs around USD 46 million. Furthermore, the cost of marriage is spent on all kinds of purposes. For example, for security, wedding dresses, food and beverage dishes, wedding cakes, and so on.

The Kensington will pay for the wedding expenses and The Windsor pays for receptions, church services, decorations, and flowers. So, as compensation, the marriage will provide an economic boost for Britain from the tourism sector.

2.     Angela Yeung and Huang Xiaoming

The Chinese artist couple spent up to 31 million US dollars for their marriage. The wedding that took place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center invited up to 2000 guests. Many popular artists from various entertainment industries are present at this wedding.

There are hundreds of celebrities that attend their wedding party. The guests are from several countries. Amazingly, a number of famous artists from Hollywood were also present. The guests were very impressed with the nuances of the wedding with sparkling and using modern technology. Besides, their marriage was broadcast online so their wedding is so popular.

3.     Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

The former NBA basketball superstar has married her partner. He has been dating five years ago. This luxurious wedding takes place at Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, a number of celebrities attended a reception that took place lavishly.

This wedding party took place lively because there was entertainment such as DJ, K’Jon, Robin Thicke, Usher, The Source, and 18 other bands. Thus, his second marriage cost around 10 million dollars. The number is very large even though only 300 guests attended the event.

4.     Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

The couple spent around USD 6.5 million on their marriage. Furthermore, no wonder this one of the most lavish celebrity wedding parties in the past decade. They bring their guests to the wedding location by private plane. Therefore, do not be surprised if this marriage costs a lot.

He also wants a special ring for his partner. Then, he bought a ring for USD 130 thousand. This ring is a very expensive wedding ring among celebrities.

In addition, the couple did not want to be disturbed at this special moment. Therefore, they also have to rent a resort so they can have a private wedding.

5.     George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

They married in a five-star hotel in Venice, the most expensive city in Europe. Furthermore, they invited guests from various countries. They prepare a lot of food menus to meet the tastes of guests from various countries.

They also rent a special boat for transportation to the hotel. Many people estimate they have spent USD 1 million for the cost of accommodation, transportation, and hotels. They booked 24 rooms in a 450-year-old classic world-class hotel. So, no wonder this wedding party is cost a lot of money.

Those are the most lavish celebrity wedding parties in the past decade. All the weddings are very luxurious and cost a fantastic amount. However, they are willing to spend a lot of money because they want their special day to be very memorable.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy for Babies and the Benefit of It

Keeping your baby in calm needs a special skill and very challenging. One of the ways is using aromatherapy to make them relax. On another hand, aromatherapy is also used for medicine for years ago. Today, some moms still make aromatherapy as their “tool”. In this article, we will share your kind of essential oil aromatherapy for babies and the benefit behind it. Because every scent gives different advantages for your little one.

Many parents are questioning the safety of using aromatherapy. Is it safe for the baby of harms their respiratory? Some studies said that it is safe as long as the parents take precautions. If you use it properly, then essential oil aromatherapy for babies is very good. The oil is not only for the diffuser, but also allowed for massage. Below is the list of essential oil aromatherapy you might need to try.


  1. Chamomile

This herb is very useful, whether for an adult or baby. Its scent and content help people in sleeping trouble. Because it makes you relax and calm. When you have chamomile oil in a diffuser, the scent smells very gentle. You can combine chamomile with lavender. They are a good combo to solve your baby cholic. Also, this combination helps your baby to reduce anxiety and stress too.

2. Citrus Lemon

The scent is very good for the morning booster. As an adult, you will feel energized too by smelling this essential oil. It is fresh and cheerful. But, remember, when you want to apply citrus lemon oil, make sure your baby’s skin is not sensitive. Because the skin will absorb the oil and potentially cause irritation. Moreover, for use in high amounts, such as for massage.

3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is favorited for cold weather. Thus, many people choose this scent when it is rainy or winter. But, you must know that there are two types of eucalyptus. First, eucalyptus radiata which is not safe for the infant (kids under age 2). This eucalyptus is very safe for adults. The other is eucalyptus radiata which is a different type from the previous one, thus it is safe for the baby. If you still having a doubt, better contact the pediatrician in case you worry about your baby’s respiratory.

4. Lavender

We have mentioned a glance about the benefit of lavender. Talking about lavender, it gives you a sedative effect. Thus, it is very good having lavender at night. It is also safe for massage. It helps the baby when they are fussy and courage them to sleep. Furthermore, when you apply lavender around the baby, they will be saved from insects, such as mosquitos. Another study said that lavender can help solve the cholic problem too.

5. Tea Tree

Tea tree is also popular among essential oil scents. This makes the tea tree as one of the best essential oil aromatherapy for babies. The benefit is quite the same with lavender that is calming and disinfectant. More than that, the tea tree can treat diaper rash very good. Add a few drops on the skin, then the infection skill will be recovered. But, you need the doctor’s suggestion when you want to apply to the baby under 6 months.

Explore more about how to use essential oil aromatherapy for babies. Because several herbs are only safe for a certain amount. It is recommended to have a little test first before you use in higher amount.

5 Tricks How To Promote Your Business On Facebook Effortlessly

Facebook is one of the social media most people use. Since its first launching, as time goes by the users are growing. It also happens to the use and feature become various. That is why today Facebook is used for business too. Find how to promote your business on Facebook in this article, no matter your business is small or big, multinational or local, and whatsoever.

After reading this article, you might be surprised by the power of Facebook. It is okay to think that Facebook is just a media to share your life story. But when you explore more, it offers you to boost your business. The tools are easy to use. For those who just learn digital marketing will be exciting using it. Now take a look at our tricks on how to promote your business on Facebook below. It is as easy as following the instruction and no need much time.

1. Business Page

Differ your business account with your personal account. We don’t recommend you to use your personal account for business. Using the business page makes you look professional, whether you are as the seller and the product itself. Also, when creating this page is not just filling the description. You must add the contact information, product description, business description, and many others.

2. Update Regularly

Once your business account is ready, now maintain just like your personal account. Update your page by-products, like the information, new variants, or maybe your marketing activity. You can share what have you done, such as celebrating a new product. The quiz is also effective through Facebook posting.

3. Engage the Followers

The reason why you must update regularly is for building the engagement. It is important to show your existence. Don’t let people asking without getting the answer. Maximize the comment feature and messenger. If you have no much time, it is okay to hire an admin. They will manage all communications inside this Facebook account, including replying comments.

4. Leverage Your Fans

Your friends are your fans on Facebook for business. Since social media is about viral, try to make your account is discussed. There are two ways to make it attracted. One is by making the interesting gimmick, or the other is through a bad reputation which we don’t advise it. A level of interaction makes you know their habit. You can give them a surprise discount for their birthday or based on their interests. You can also make them special by making event only for your fans on Facebook account.

5. Explore Facebook Ads

Indeed, reaching the customer naturally is not that easy. So, Facebook has a special tool called “Facebook Ads”. If you use this tool, your promotion will be more targeted and wider. Facebook helps you to target based on location, user’s age, and even more gender. It is also completed with a report, so you can analyze your strategy for further promotion. You need to explore more about Facebook Ads, then just try for a simple campaign as your first step.

When you can maximize social media, it becomes a very effective, cheap, and effortless channel. Thus, we share with you how to promote your business on Facebook because almost all people around the world using it. With so many other ways, just try five tips above to introduce your business.

Easy Small Business Ideas That You Need To Try

Everybody may want to start a business. But, not all of them get their success in business. Many factors might affect or make us failed or success to build a business. All of them depend on our effort and want. In order to start a business, we must understand well about what business is and how the way to get profit from the business. Even if it were easy small business ideas.

We cannot do business without planning. Everything should be well prepared. To reach your goal in business, you don’t need to start with a big thing to get a big profit. You can start a small business, and try to make it bigger. Here are them several easy small business ideas that you must try:

1. Blogger

The first easy small business ideas that you can try is a blogger. The duty of the blogger is simple. You can write anything and post it on your blog. You can start your blog easily and post anything you want. Not only write and post some articles, you also can get profit from your blog. A blogger is a simple business but you can get profit from it. How great it was.

2. Housekeeper And Cleaning Service

Today, many people looking for a housekeeper and house cleaner. Therefore, what you need to do is to make that phenomenon and start your business. You can start with looking for clients that need housekeeper or cleaner. Then, you need to look for someone who can be the housekeeper or cleaner. Choose a professional one and try to make your client trust you more.

You can also promote your business by sharing the advertisement for your business. Let people know you and be your clients.

3. Children Care Service

The nest easy small business idea is children care service. This business is special for you who like to carry children. When you think you are a children lover, you need to try this business. But, this business is not as easy as you think. You need to be patient and don’t hurt the client’s children.

In this business, the important thing is building the trustworthiness between you and your clients. You should train the children patiently and make your clients satisfied with your work. Thus, you can get the trustworthiness and make your business to be bigger.

4. Makeup Artist

The last easy small business ideas that you need to try also is a make-up artist. If you have a make-up talent, you must try to start this business. Almost the same with children carried, you also need to build trustworthiness with your clients. Give them the best service that will make your clients satisfied, they will repeat order to you. After you are a trusted make-up artist, many people will come to you and use your service.

So, those are the explanations about the easy small business ideas that you need to try. Try everything and don’t lose your hope. Everything will seem hard before you try. Therefore, you need to try first but don’t give up first.

Several Heel Bruise Treatments You Can Do

Did you know that the heel is the biggest bone in the foot? It is balanced with the heavy task that is to support the body when standing or walking. What happens if you experience heel pain. Of course, this is very disturbing daily activities. Let’s together learn the causes of heel pain and heel bruise treatments.

If we use too much walking beyond ability, walking with bad footwear or an injury to the heel, then these things can cause the heel to hurt. Pain in the heel will vary, there is mild to severe so it can not stand let alone walk. In most cases, when a person experiences heel pain, an expert doctor is needed in diagnosing the cause as well as the treatment.

Several Heel Bruise Treatments You Can Do

Heel Bruise Treatments You Can Do at Home

If you experience pain in your heels, you can try several methods of home remedies to alleviate discomfort. As an example:

  • Rest as much as possible, don’t walk too much
  • Apply an ice pack to the heel for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day
  • Use over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen and aspirin
  • Wear appropriate shoes (soft base, not the high heel or reflection sandals)
  • Wear a night splint, a special device that maintains the position of the feet while sleeping
  • Use heel lifts or inserts on shoes to reduce pain

Medical Heel Bruise Treatments

If the home treatment strategy heel bruise treatments do not relieve heel pain. Then see a doctor. He will do a physical examination and ask about the symptoms of heel pain that you experience. Doctors also recommend x-rays (X-rays) to determine the cause of heel pain. After the doctor knows the cause, then he will do the therapy or treatment accordingly.

1. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aims to strengthen muscles and other tissues in the legs, such as ligaments and tendons, and prevent leg injuries. Thus, this treatment is a must is you have a severe heel bruise.

2. Drugs

If heel pain is unbearable, the doctor can give painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, whether taken or injected into the feet. This drug aims to relieve signs of inflammation, including pain and swelling.

3. Operation

Although it rarely happens, orthopedic doctors can perform operations to treat heel disorders. But keep in mind, this heel surgery requires long recovery time and can not always eliminate the pain in the heel.

Preventive Steps

In many cases, doctors usually recommend physiotherapy. This can help to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your legs, which helps to prevent further injury. If the pain is so severe, your doctor may give you a heel pain medication that consists of anti-inflammatory drugs that are taken or injected.

In very rare cases, doctors recommend surgery to correct problems with the heel, but heel surgery often requires a long recovery time and does not always relieve pain in your feet.

It is indeed not possible to prevent all cases of heel pain, but there are some easy steps you can take to avoid heel injuries and prevent the pain from appearing again.

  • Wear shoes that fit properly supporting the feet
  • Stretch your leg muscles before exercising
  • Maintain a healthy diet (diet), so as not to be obese
  • Rest when you feel tired or when your leg muscles begin to ache
  • Maintain ideal body weight

That’s all the discussion about the causes of heel pain and heel bruise treatments. Hopefully, it can benefit readers. Those are some steps you can take for bruises on your heels.

Build A Smart Child By Applying Best Early Childhood Learning Parents Should Know

Childhood is the golden time for children to learn anything. In this time, children may absorb a lot of knowledge that they get from people around them such as parents and teachers. Therefore, we need to give our best effort to make our children be smart by applying the best early childhood learning parents should know.

Best early childhood learning parents should know

Therefore, in order to build smart children, we need to apply early education for them. What are they? Here is the list of best early childhood learning that parents should know and apply them at home:

1. The Basic Math

Most parents know that math is an important lesson that we should teach our children. But, it is not the complicated math that we almost know it high school, it is just the basic math for children. Thus, what does basic math means? The basic math means the lower level of math such as the number.

As parents, we must teach our children this important lesson as the best early childhood learning parents should know. Basic math must be started at an early moment. We can teach the number from 1-10 first, then go to the next level by teaching them how to count something.

2. The Art Lesson

The second best early childhood learning parents should know is the art. The art seems simple but it can improve our children’s imagination and creativity. it also can be a media for children to implement their creativity and imagination by drawing something.

The art lesson applies in most schools by most teachers. Those can be proved how important the art lesson for children.

3. Build the Children’s Motor Skill

The third best early childhood learning parents should know is building the children’s motor skills. The motor skill is an important skill especially for children to develop themselves in society. Therefore, motor skills should build in early childhood to make it perfect.

Why it should be like that? The childhood moment is a valuable moment for children. They must improve everything including motor skills in the childhood moment. So, the parent should understand and help the children to grow smart.

4. Social Studies

For all people including children, social life is the important thing in their life. We should able to interact with other people around us. Therefore, we need to build social studies from early childhood. Parents should teach their children to have interaction and nice with social and make it a good habit. So, in the future, their children will grow up as kind and responsible people.

The social studies are large. Not only about the interaction with each other but also, about the attitude and how the way we treat people around us. Children must know about manners and attitudes from early childhood. This social studies might become the best early childhood learning parents should know.

Therefore the explanation about the best early childhood learning parents should know. As parents, we should give everything the best for our children including knowledge. So, our children will grow up as good and smart people.